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Fuping Development Institute Wins the Public Figure of the Year 2012

Posted On:2013-01-21

Figure of the Year 2012 Awards Ceremony was held by China Newsweek in Beijing on 14th, December. The Public Figure of the Year Award went to Fuping Development Institute. Shen Dongshu, the executive director and president of Fuping, attended the ceremony and received the award on behalf of Fuping.
The committee praises Fuping for unchanged insistency and the achievements of market-based approaches to poverty alleviation. “In the last ten years, Fuping keeps trying to prove that market-based approaches to poverty alleviation are more effective. Fuping aims to improve the welfare of the poor, increasing their development opportunities and promoting social justice by establishing/investing in social enterprises and nurturing social innovators. Fuping currently boasts four core operations, namely microfinance, eco agriculture, early education and domestic & community service, and is committed to the fostering of social innovation talents.
In the last years civil society in China goes mature and stronger. During this period Fuping experienced SARS crisis, claim affaires and other difficulties, and they still stick to their original intentions and principles after all these difficulties.
Mr. Wang Zhenyao, Dean of China Philanthropy Research Institute at Beijing Normal University, former Director of Disaster Relief Office of Civil Affairs Department, said, “Ten years ago, economists Mao Yushi and Tang Min founded Fuping Development Institute. They and their friends take actions to promote social welfare and development with regard to poor people. In the period of China’s rapid urbanization, it calls for intelligence and insight to explore innovative and effective ways to alleviate poverty. Shen Dongshu, president of Fuping, believes that market-based approaches to poverty alleviation are more effective. He said,
“First, I feel very happy to work at Fuping for ten years. We should be happy to work at this field, and then we can make others happy.
Secondly, we have to keep trying and innovating to find the most efficient ways to solve social problems. Thank you all for your recognition of Fuping. We hope more and more people could know us and support us in future.”

Shen Dongshu (Executive Director and President of FDI) receiving the Public Figure of the Year Award from Mr. Wang Zhenyao

Background Introduction:
“Influence the influential people” is the principle of China Newsweek. We hold the selection of Annual Figure of the Year from 2009.
This year, besides Public Figure of the Year, we also have other awards:
Science and Technology Figure of the Year, went to the team of China’s manned space docking mission between Shenzhou-9 spacecraft and Tiangong-1 lab module;
Cultural Figure of the Year went to Mr. Chen Ping of China National Centre for the Performing Arts;
Readers’ Choice Award of the year went to well- known dancer Yang Liping and The Voice of China team.
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Translated by Yao Yaru,Proofread by Zhao Yingjie