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Fuping Is Looking for Itself

Posted On:2012-04-21


After riding the eastbound subway for forty minutes from the heart of Beijing, and then bumping on a coach for half anhour, you can see that school standing quietly in the sparse woods along the roadside. An old wooden plaque was hung at the gate, reading “Fuping Vocational School”; the plaque was tingling in the chilling mountain wind once in a while.

That plaque has been there for nine years and a social enterprise sponsored by the economists Mao Yushi and Tang Min behind it. At the beginning ,providing housekeeping training to the women from poor regions isthe main business of Fuping Development Institute; it has enabled nearly 10,000 housekeepersfrom Anhui and Gansu, among other places, to work in the big cities.

“We will contribute to the public welfare in different ways,” said Jaff Shen, the president of Fuping Development Institute. He joined in Fuping a few months later than Mao Yushi and Tang Min,who Currently is the core operator of Fuping. In contrast to those scholar founders, he has extensive experiences in business operation as he used to work for CITIC Group.Once hehas founded his own Internet company before devoting himself to the public welfare undertaking.

(China Entrepreneur) – by: Chen Wei; Cai Yu

On March 25, 2011

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