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Microsoft Joins Hands with Fuping to Deliver Care for Migrant Children

Posted On:2012-03-26

Children of migrant families get away from home to follow their parents, living in outskirts. In spite of their parents’ contribution toBeijing, they do not have opportunity enough to know and feel the city. As internationally renowned IT company, Microsoft’s employees have participated in volunteer activities organized by Fuping for many times, sharing knowledge with these children, and driving them to get close and know this modern company.

56 students ofXingZhiSchool, a school for migrant children in Daxing District were invited into the Microsoft’s edifice on March 23. Accompanied by Microsoft’s 40 employees, these children visited working environment of elder brothers and sisters and understand the content of their work; in the visitor center, children also experienced Microsoft’s high-tech, such as the Kinect, Windows Phone. In this beautiful and memorable day, each student made several Microsoft’s older friends.

On February 25th, 23 volunteers from Microsoft participated in ENGAGE BEIJING2012 volunteer activities of Fuping Development Institute, and came into Sunshine Kindergarten, Xiaojiahe Community, Haidian District.

Prior to this activity, teachers from Guyuqianqianshu Kindergarten of the Fuping Development Institute trained the volunteers, and shared some reading skills and interactive games with the latter. On the day of the activity, volunteers accompanied, told stories to and play games with 150 children, bringing them a happy morning. One volunteer said: “We are hoping to do something for these migrant children, at least allow them to live happier, grow up healthily and feel the love from Microsoft and society.”