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Lao Shang’s Tree Seedling Bed

Posted On:2013-07-12

The story happened at Guoli Village, Yuxiang, a small town of Yongji County in Shanxi Province. Here Lao Shang has been serving as the Village Accountant and Head of Safety for more than twenty years, enjoying a very high reputation among the local villagers.

Once being a contractor and grower of apricot trees, Lao Shang has never stopped his dream of being an entrepreneur. However, throughout the ups and downs, his dream never came true.

In recent years, Lao Shang founded that the market demand of saplings has been continually growing as people are paying more and more attention to urban greening. Then in 2009, he made up his mind that he was goanna be in the sapling growing business. However, first step is always difficult. Lao Shang was challenged with funding issue in the very beginning. As he started with 20 Mu (3.3 Acre) for the seedling bed, there was a huge lack of money, even after borrowing from relatives and friends.

Right at the time when Lao Shang was worrying about not having enough turnover to purchase saplings, he was introduced to the Yongji Fuping Microfinance Company by a friend. Just taking a shot at it, Lao Shang turned to Fuping for loans. Credit officials from the company came to know his capabilities and his good credit background through visiting various people, and decided to grant him ¥20,000 (RMB). With this money, Lao Shang was able to buy the first batch of saplings from another city.

By the end of 2011, Lao Shang was in need of funding again as he was trying to expand his seed bed. This time, he got another ¥30,000 (RMB) from Fuping. Up till now, Lao Shang’s seedling bed has expanded to more than 100 Mu, and his annual income has reached to more than ¥200,000 (RMB). As he told the credit officials, even though the amount granted is small, you can still unexpectively benefit a lot from it. “You’ve done me such a big favor. Without your help I wouldn’t have the whole year’s income.” He said.  

Through several years’ efforts, Lao Shang has gained rich experience in growing saplings. His income of course grew together with the good quality of his saplings. Lao Shang also passed down his experience to other villagers, hoping it can help others become rich.

The new year has arrived and Lao Shang couldn’t wait to apply for another loan so he can register a tree sapling firm and seek to expand his growing business, one day finally realizing his entrepreneurial dream.

Volunteer Translator:Yingying Shi