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Fuping Farmers Institute: Production in the Fields

Posted On:2013-07-12

On March 30, 2013, Jinmei training base of Fuping Farmers Institute organized a inspection training on more than 30 farmer students. In the beginning, many of the students didn’t understand the need to note down the planting records on a cardboard every day. Through detailed explanation, they gradually realized that the daily record of planting process and the use of agricultural materials is not only conducive to accumulation of experience in agricultural production, but also helps to build trust in a transparent and traceable system, thus convinces consumers.

As of mid-May, Fuping Farmers Institute has carried out five rounds of training in planting technology.

The mission of Fuping Farmers Institute is to train and reserve professionals in ecological agriculture. Through the combination of professional learning and planting practices, students learn standards and concepts of Fuping Land Agricultural production, family farm management, knowledge of agricultural marketing and logistics management, and gradually master the advanced agricultural production technology. The vegetable products students planted will be on sale through Fuping Changyuan Company, a school-run enterprise, ensuring a stable sales expectation for farmer trainees and encouraging them to “take time to grow vegetables”.

The college has built up a local exchange platform and a cross-regional student network. Outstanding students will have the opportunity to go abroad and learn the advanced agricultural production patterns in Japan, Taiwan and other places.



Volunteer Translator:Hill Sun