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Fuping Development Institute Celebrates Women’s Day with U.S. MBA Delegation

Posted On:2012-03-08

On March 8th, 2012, Fuping Development Institute located in Tongzhou District of Beijing was crowded and lively. Following the delegation from the U.S. University of Evansville on March 6th, more than 80 MBA teachers and students from the University of Notre Dame visited the Fuping Development Institute on March 6th, and celebrated a special Women’s Day with more than 160 Fuping’s females training for domestic services.

Deputy President Chen Zupei introduced the Institute’s course of development, employment and development of graduates, Fuping’s work ethic and methods for domestic services, and answered questions from a number of foreign friends. The MBA students also introduced their university to Fuping students, and they said that they would share what they saw and felt at Fuping with friends and classmates after returning home.

Accompanied by the teachers and sisters at Fuping, the delegation also visited the campus and observed the lesson of domestic service operation. They came into the classroom to have a cooking class with Fuping students, and some students tasted the Chinese food just made by Fuping students. Subsequently, they visited the classroom of practical operation for elderly care, and Fuping’s kitchen simulation room. On the class of care for the elderly, aU.S.student acted as a bedridden elderly person, and experienced the massage by domestic service students. After the visit, the U.S. MBA students said they had learned a lot of life skills and were very curious.

After the visit, the Deputy PresidentChen Zupei said that the Institute thanked the care and support provided by all levels of society on domestic education at Fuping, so that the sisters here had more opportunity to learn about a different world from their own.