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Free Training of early education by Guyu Thousands of Trees

Posted On:2013-01-21

On 14th December, Guyu Thousands of Trees Educational Consulting Company provided free training to 82 kindergarten teachers, shared with trainees the advanced early education concepts and innovative teaching methods.

“Thousands of Trees” is one social enterprise, provides high quality and affordable early education products and services in a socially innovative way. By doing so, it aims to fill the gap of high quality early education services for low-income families in rural kindergartens and in kindergartens for children of migrant workers, and to promote the equitable development of children’s education in China.

This training has five topics: Reading changing lives, Importance of Play in Early Childhood, Mathematics Plays, Children’s Songs and “Kids are naturally Music.  The training helped the trainees to understand more about children’s development, and learn more teaching skills to use handy resources.

The training was sponsored by Shell (China) and Yongji Fuping Microfinance Company, supported by the Educational Department of Yongji.

Early July this year, Fuping Microfinance Company already held 15-day Summer Camp for the kids of one rural Kindergarten at Yongji. During this time volunteer teachers firstly use the curriculums of Thousands of Trees at one rural kindergarten.

Reported and Photograghed by Feng Gecai(Huanghe Morning Post)

Translated by Xu Xinlin,Proofread by Zhao Yingjie