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48 Students from Hong Kong Visit Fuping Development Institute

Posted On:2012-04-11


Fuping Development Institute welcomed the first “Children’s Delegation” from Hong Kongin the afternoon of April 10th, 2012. 48 teachers and students from the Po Leung Kuk Lee Shing Pik College, Hong Kong, conducted face-to-face exchange with more than 50 students from the rural areas of China’s central and western regions at Fuping Development Institute.

Accompanied by teachers and students in the School, the students fromHong Kongvisited the campus and observed the lesson of household service operation. The secondary school students had cooking lesson with Fuping’s students and learned methods of nursing the elderly in the classroom. When visiting the dinning hall, there happened to be a number of freshly painted tables. At the invitation of the students in Fuping, these tables became the students’ canvas, and they picked up brushes to create a beautiful paradise of picture.


They drew cartoon rabbits, birds, starry sky, and bauhinia. Some students even pigmented their palms, and left colorful handprints on the tables. These beautiful and bold works gained profuse praises from housekeeping nannies. Younger housekeeping nannies were also encouraged to pick up brushes to carefully spread the color, despite their primary painting skills. Some painted with fingers for being not used to the brushes.

On the occasion of departure, many students gave a variety of small gifts to the housekeeping nannies as souvenirs. Zhang Ruihui, a teacher ofLeeShingPikCollegewho led the delegation, said that this visit was for general education, and this “course” left a deep impression on the students, students from their College will come back next year.