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Three years in Fuping make me persistent

Posted On:2012-04-24

hero of the story:Li Shuanqing, Xinxiang County of Henan Province

trainee of 201st domestic service program by Fuping:

My daughter went to college and my son was recruited by the army two years ago. With all my two children leaving home in half a year, my life became idle from a busy  all of a sudden. Besides eating and watching TV, I just wandered around every day and felt very empty. Once upon a time, I saw the telephone number of the Xilu employment agency on the TV. And then I caught a train to Beijing without any hesitation, and without any concern about whether I would be cheated.

I had changed five jobs in five months before I came to Beijing; not that I was removed from any of them, it’s just that I always wanted to try different jobs. I used to work at a private hamburger store and a hostel of the military sub-command, but I still left even though they had withheld my wages of half a month as a means of preventing me from leaving. What I can not forget is that I worked as a housekeeper for a former teacher retired from a famous school, who was not in a good health condition. Her sons wanted to take her to Nanjing when I had been working at her home for one month. She asked me for many times to go with her to Nanjing but I did not consent to it. And then she found some neighbors and asked me to work for them temporarily and then continue to work for her when she came back. But I still turned it down.

I had no idea where to go when looking at all those people after getting off the train in Beijing. But  I found a warm home when I came to Fuping Housekeeping Training Schoolthrough Xilu.

I found my self-confidence at Fuping

I had some worries when the training was close to its end, as I recalled that a close friend once told me that the people from Henan would have to struggle to get employed. The teacher who administered the exam that helped me regain my self-confidence. We were sent to different areas of the campus for cleaning on the day immediately before graduation. My task was to clean up the teachers’ office, and it was so happened that the teacher was also there. So I asked her, “teacher, I heard that it was not easy for a Henanese to find a job;is it true?” She answered with a smile, “don’t worry; isn’t  a Henanese also a Chinese? And aren’t you a good person?” It was just a simple consolation, but one that has given me a lot of courage.

I was dispatched to the Haidian branch after graduation. I was interviewed with my first customer the second day, and I took the job even without discussing the wage as I was not experienced. I encountered many problems in the work, but my tutor Shang Chunyan taught me a lot about how to get along with customers and helped me release the pressure. With her help, my work was recognized by the customer and we keep in touch with eachother even now.

I had not received much education but I wanted to learn. I participated in whatever the trainings provided by the company. I enrolled in the computer class and maternity matron class at the same time, though I gave up the computer course later on because the training schedule conflicted with my duty in time. I concentrated on the maternity matron course, taking the class very early every Saturday morning. The teacher Zou Liying taught me with great patience and I learned a lot of knowledge on maternity matron service. I especially appreciate the trust and support from the managerGao, and I was contracted as a maternity matron with a customer as soon as I completed the training.

The bitterness and sweetness of working as a maternity matron

The work of a maternity matron is quite different from what I had imagined; there are lots of chores about the baby and the mother everyday. And the time is the most critical issue. I was always at a half-sleeping state during the night, and I had to get up immediately whenever the babies made any noise. I did not even sleep for 10 hours in three days and nights once upon time. I still needed to help the customer with the housekeeping works on top of my maternity matron duty. If both the parents and the parents-in-law of the mother were there, it could be even more spectacular. One would point to the east while the other to the west; one grandmother could have been worrying about the baby wearing too much while the other one worrying about wearing too little. Their different opinions made our works even more difficult. What’s more, the mother could be a little short-tempered due to the physiological reason.

I felt an honor and pride whenever I think about that I was accompanying the lovely little baby in its first month of life, regardless of the all the hardworking as a maternity matron. I was not choosing to be a maternity matron for the sake of higher wage; I have a natural fondness of children, possibly because I have raised my children myself. And the children also like me. When I worked as a maternity matron, the baby would stop crying immediately if I called theirnames and cuddled it when it cried. The customers might not trust me at beginning, but I could see the attachment and fond regard in their eyes when I finished my work to leave. They wished that I could stay and continued to work as a nanny.

Once upon time, I was preparing to go back to my hometown when a customer asked me to care for the baby for about 10 days as the grandma and grandpa would be away. So I took the job. I told my customer during a chat that I would go back home when I finished the work, and then the customer asked about my scheduled time and train, as if they were going to buy the ticket for me. I did not tell them that anyway because I did not like to owe others anything. They said, “although we have only had a contact of a few days, we’re assured by your care of the baby, and you indeed have helped us a lot.” The satisfaction and prize of the customers moved me a lot, and I’m motivated to work even better, caring for each little baby with my heart.

A child is like a piece of white paper

I used to do some housekeeping works and work as a babysitter before I worked as a maternity matron. I still remember clearly that there was a customer who had a four-year old boy. The child often had a fit of temper towards him and me. But the hostess doted on him very much and pretended not seeing anything when he was rude at me. Once upon time he attempted to grab an item of another child, I tried to persuade him not to touch it but he kicked me. The hostess even got angry with the host when the host saw the scene and blamed him. That child was particularly cross towards the other children, and almost nobody played with him.

I said in my mind, “we’ll only stay at your home for a very short time, as a housekeeping attendant. We may stay if we like it or go away if we don’t. But it’d be a lifetime issue for yourparents!” When I took him out, I told him that no child would like a short-tempered boy and that everyone would like him if he did not get into fits of temper. I once again took him to an amusement park; he no longer made faces to scare the other children when he met them, and he did not get into fits of temper either, andplayed with them in a civilized way instead. And then every time we went out afterwards he would bring some more toys to play with other children friendly. I realized that a child was like a piece of white paper that could be shaped and changed.

I would take hourly jobs on the days off. Once upon time there was still half an hour to go to reach a full hour when I finished the work, but the customer, who was a lady, paid me for the full hour and gave me another extra 20 yuans. Andthe second time, she once again gave me another extra 30 yuans. When I refused to take it, she said, “your company is the best one I’ve ever met, and you’re the best hourly worker who has ever come to our home.” I was so happy to hear those words.

Looking back on the three years I’ve been in Beijing, it’s sheer luck that I’ve chosen Fuping from the very beginning, where I’ve felt all the warmth in every detail, and reaped the success and happiness over and over. It’s like a rebirth at Fuping in the three years, when I’ve been constantly striving. From a family woman caring for the husband and children, to a career woman earning my own living, I’m proud of such as transformation, and appreciate all that empowered to me by Fuping in those three years. Though the work is hard, but my industrious work has been respected, and my personal value fulfilled.

Fuping is a great pillar in my life, and I wish that with the help from Fuping.My children will better understand and respect the choice to create a future with my own hands.