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10th Anniversary Party of Fuping DCS Centre

Posted On:2012-09-25

On the afternoon of 22nd, September, an exclusive Mid-Autumn Festival Party was held by Fuping Domestic and Community Service Centre for more than 400 domestic workers in the auditorium of Hepingli Street Committee in Dongcheng District. The domestic workers were from all over the country. Working far away from home, they could not stay with their family members; however, they got together as a big family here. They celebrated the Mid-autumn Day and the 10th Anniversary of Fuping with their simple but touching performance. Prof. Mao Yushi, the founder of Fuping Development Institute and known economist, together with Doc. Tang Min and representatives from government, business and media, attended the party.

The daily domestic service is monotonous, so the domestic workers usually cannot relax. Considering this, Fuping Development Institute set up an Art Group for domestic workers. Every Saturday, female workers get together and practice singing and dancing. The Art Group provides a platform for them to communicate and express themselves. Furthermore, by organizing activities between the domestic workers and community residents, the group helps promote the understanding of domestic workers in the whole society. Fuping Art Group of Domestic Workers is the only specialized art group for domestic workers. The Art Group members performed their original work at the party.

Party Cast & Crew together with Mao Yushi couple


Volunteer Translator:Yao Yaru