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White Collar Workers Help Children of Migrant Workers “Learn of Vacations”

Posted On:2011-12-06


On December 4th, 2011,PugongyongMiddleSchool for the children of migrant workers in Daxing of Beijing was hilariously and warmly crowded in sharp contrast to the snow outside. The ENGAGE project by Fuping Development Institute organized 25 corporate volunteers from 10 companies, including Microsoft, Citibank, Huayuan, HP, LG, ABB, Ernst & Young, Linklaters, Allen&Over, and Xuanya, sharing various professional experiences with nearly 200 children in the third grade of the School.

Early in the morning of that day, the volunteers gathered from different parts of the city in cold weather to theLamaTemplesubway station, and went together to thePugongyingMiddle Schoollocated in Daxing District. The volunteers were divided into different groups, entered into the six classes of the third grade, and shared their feelings with these children who would soon face the choices of their lives.

Although busy at work on weekdays, these volunteers still fully prepared for the activity in advance. Some prepared PPTs, rich in content, some displayed a collection of life photographs, some frankly talked about dreams and confusions when they were in secondary school, and some shared memories of college years and tortuous working experiences.

Later, the volunteers and students were divided into groups to have more targeted discussions and analyze their confusions. In some classes, special mock interviews were organized, where the “job seekers” gave childish answers that made the “interviewers” laugh. This “first close contact” with careers gave the children a lot of inspirations and new discoveries.