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1. Microfinance

It has been nearly 20 years since the inception of the microfinance program in 1993. By summarizing experiences and establishing a standard system in talent nurturing, product innovation and social investment, the program is forging a business model which can be replicated so that more low-income people can benefit from microfinance services.


We welcome cooperation in the following three aspects:

a. Training

Technical support to microfinance agencies targeting low-income people in rural areas.

b. Research & Development

Cooperation on industrial & market research, product & service design (financial/non-financial), technique development on the management of micro loans;

c.Intermediation for financing and investment

Introducing social investors to microfinance companies with solid financial and social investors.


2. Support network for female domestic service workers

“Mutual help network for female domestic service workers”, also known as “Fuping domestic service mutual help team” was founded in June 2005 mainly for the purpose of providing follow-up services for domestic service workers. Ever since its inception, in line with the actual needs of domestic service workers, the network has organized relevant training programs and entertainment activities to help solve employment difficulties. Consequently, the pressure on these domestic workers was lifted and their capacity to work and live in cities was greatly improved. In addition, the network also organizes the workers to provide services to local communities so that they can take pride in their work, feel a sense of identity with the cities and increase the sense of responsibility as new citizens. By the end of 2011, over 8,000 female workers have participated in the network.


Over years, the network has been greatly supported by society in the form of free activities venues, voluntary lectures by experts, sponsored printing of Domestic Service Information, donation of books, as well as voluntary photo and camera shooting.

The future of the network needs more support from the public and society.


3. Qianqianshu Children’s Home

Qianqianshu children’s home is located in the Fruit Village, Yujiawu Town of Tongzhou District. It is a kindergarten for kids from the migrant workers’ families. From December 2011, it began to be managed by Beijing Fuping Development Institute. The Little Oak Kindergarten and several experts involved in pre-school education have been instrumental partners in this process. Qianqianshu provides quality kid education service for local low-income families, exploring a model of equal access to quality kindergarten education by innovatively pooling social resources. We also wish to expand our experience and socially invested model through China’s kindergarten network.


Qianqianshu Children’s Home needs the following support:

a. Faculty training

Training venues for 50 to 100 people; training and internship for faculties working in rural kindergarten and kindergartens in cities for children from migrant workers’ families; exploring new ways to realize inclusive pre-school education.

b. Kindergarten’s construction

In order to provide a good living and study environment for children, Qianqianshu needs to renovate its internal facilities including classroom, library, medical clinic, kitchen, and sleeping room for children. Besides, we also need to buy new desks and chairs, medical equipment, medicines, office supplies, kitchen facilities, beds, books and toys for kids.

c. Construction of Community Artistic Centre

Being a part of the kindergarten, Community Artistic Centre is largely used for music and dancing classes and can also be used as the venue for community activities. Parents can take their children here to see films, listen to lectures and take part in our exchange activities. Currently we are collecting musical instruments, costumes and experts resources for the Centre.


4. Eco-agriculture 

It is a joint program on ecological agriculture between Fuping and the renowned Japanese association – Daichi. After years of efforts, an eco-agriculture exchange network composed of over 20 professional cooperatives and over 200 farmers has come into being.

We need earth-loving and eco-conscious talents with professional experience in agriculture management and operation to join us. 

5. Talents nurturing program for building the social enterprise network 

Research Centre of Social Innovation and Social Investment are dedicated to the production and expansion of social innovation knowledge, as well as the discoveries and nurturing of social innovative talents.


If you are interested in promoting the development of social innovation and social investment in China, please join us.  

For more information, please visit our website.

Contact person:

Zhao Yingjie, zhaoyingjie@fdi.ngo.cn, 010-51319207